Thesis award

From 2018 onwards, the New Mobility Foundation will award an excellent academic bachelor’s or master’s thesis with a prize. The price is destined for (under)graduates that are registered at a HBO or university in the Netherlands or abroad. The subject of the thesis should concern so-called transport poverty. Transport poverty is a relatively new and complex term, however the reality of it and the implications of being immobile are much more straightforward. That is, physical and mental health as well as opportunities for education and employment are not self-evident when being immobile. Citizens are seen to suffer from transport poverty when:

  • they do not have access to transport which is suitable to their physical condition and capabilities;
  • the existing transport does not allow them to fulfill their daily activities or allow them to access education, health or employment;
  • the weekly amount spent on transport leaves the household with an income below the official poverty line;
  • the travel conditions are dangerous or perceived dangerous to the individual.

New Mobility Foundation
The NMF Thesis Award is an initiative of the New Mobility Foundation. This new foundation will acts as a facilitator of projects aimed at tackling transport poverty, which vulnerable citizens in our society, such as the elderly, disabled, low incomes and refugees are more likely to suffer from. With this award, the New Mobility Foundation wants to raise more knowledge and awareness about the issue of transport poverty, as well as to stimulate students to think of appropriate solutions.


  • The price is destined for (under)graduates that are registered at a HBO or university in the Netherlands;
  • Minimum grade of the thesis must be 7,5;
  • Theses will be judged on academic quality, innovative subject(s) and social relevance, among other things.

The New Mobility Thesis Award consists of a financial reward, reference letter by a board or jury member and the opportunity to get know people from our unique network and expand your career opportunities.

Application & more information
For more information about the requirements of the format of your application, please contact us.

For more information contact Hayde Zarkeshan at