Accessible nature for everyone!

Everybody likes to enjoy nature now and then. This is also true for people with disabilities. For example people who are blind or have limited endurance, elderly people, mentally challenged people and users of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. For these groups it is important that nature sites are accessible.

For they also like to fish on the waterside, look at birds, take a hike on the heath or make a ride through the forest, have a picknick or enjoy the view from an observation tower.

For these people who can experience obstacles when entering nature sites, the Dutch Knowledge center Green & Handicap (in Dutch: Kenniscentrum Groen & Handicap) has started the website On this website people can exchange experiences and give each other recommendations or warnings regarding specific nature sites and their accessibility.

There’s also an active visitation committee within the knowledge center. One can find their visitation reports of nature sites in The Netherlands on the same website