Privacy statement

The New Mobility Foundation processes personal data and therefore we would like to clearly and transparently inform you through our privacy statement. In this privacy statement we answer the most relevant questions about the procession of personal data and protection of privacy.

What are personal data?

Personal data reveal information about you. For example your name, address or date of birth, but also pictures and videos.

How does the New Mobility Foundation handle your personal data?

The New Foundation processes personal data of people with whom we have a direct or indirect relation. These involve persons and organisations that have shown interest in the activities, clients and partners.

Who is responsible for the procession of personal data?

The Programme Manager is responsible for handling your personal data. However, all people involved in the New Mobility Foundation are aware of the sensitivity of personal data and privacy, and therefore we all handle them with uttermost care.

Why does the New Mobility Foundation process personal data?

The New Mobility Foundation tackles transport poverty. In order to realize project funding, we have to process various personal data. Or if a client would like to register for an event, we need to process some of his or her personal data to send him or her further details. Also, we have the possibility to fill in a contact form on our website. In this way we, are able to keep our clients updated concerning any news, and to answer their questions properly. It is obvious that we carefully handle all this data.

The New Mobility Foundation also processes visual data, in the form of pictures and videos. Pictures and videos for example are taken during meetings, openings, festivities or other relevant events. We publish visual data on our website and in reports, however only when the people in the pictures and videos have given their permission.

Finally, the New Mobility Foundation processes data for administrative purposes. In any case there is no need to use reducible personal data, we will use anonymous data.

Does the New Mobility Foundation process special personal data?

No, the New Mobility Foundation does not process special personal data such as health, gender, criminal record, ethnicity or race.

How does the New Mobility Foundation handle personal data?

Personal data are being preserved carefully and safe, and not longer than is necessary.

Exchange of personal data within the New Mobility Foundation

If we would like to use personal data for purposes for which they are not meant in the first place, we have to clarify why this alternative use of data correlates with the goals of the New Mobility Foundation.

Which rules apply to the procession of personal data?

In the procession of personal data, the New Mobility Foundation is committed to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) in Dutch.

Changes in the privacy policy

The New Mobility Foundation reserves the right to change its privacy policy and privacy statement. In case there are changes in the policy, we will upload the latest version here.

Get to know more about the privacy statement

Might you have any further questions about this privacy statement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via or 070-406 1306.

Privacy statement New Mobility Foundation  •  version 1  •  17 January 2019.