New Mobility Foundation

The New Mobility Foundation facilitates projects aimed at tackling transport poverty. We believe that innovation and digital means are the way to tackle this long-standing issue, as well as its negative side effects such as social isolation, poor physical health and loss of education and job opportunities. In particular vulnerable citizens in our society, such as the elderly, disabled, people with low incomes and refugees are more likely to suffer from transport poverty. By supporting innovative projects that tackle transport poverty, we aim to provide more opportunities in the field of health, education, employment and leisure for these citizens. Read more

The New Mobility Foundation was founded as an initiative of the Major Alliance, Royal RAI Association and Noaber Foundation.

New Mobility Foundation International

Mobility Foundation International tackles global mobility poverty

The lack of mobility affects hundreds of millions of people globally. This has an enormous impact on peoples health, chances in the labour market and integration. The New Mobility Foundation International (NMFI) is founded to improve mobility of vulnerable groups worldwide. Thursday 28 November 2019, NMFI board member Steven van Eijck (Royal RAI Association) presented the NMFI at the world conference of the car manufactures association OICA in Mumbai and addressed the attending member countries with a call to action to join the NMFI. Read more